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Painting has attracted Pavel Zacek - among many other activities - already since his childhood. Though never specially trained he desired to master the technically demanding classic multi-layered oil painting. Being a complete autodidact he has gradually built up his knowledge and skill through the study of literature, own experience but also a thorough analysis of the works of great masters in world galleries.

Today his paintings composed of multiple grounding and translucent layers feature a unique style and a typical scent of soft-lit atmosphere, sensed contours and meticulous detail. 

The characters to be encountered in his pictures are the carriers of their own stories and passions set in ambiguous spaces and disturbing historical connotations. Love, time and death are the ever-present motifs. Surreal atmosphere of the paintings does not preclude recognizing the urge of a post-modern spectator for hope, rebirth and sense of a journey.

Pavel Zacek has exhibited his paintings at many exhibitions and his artwork has gained the audience in private collections in Czech Republic and abroad. He is a member of international surrealist group Libellule and since years a participant of prestigious Paris Salon Comparaisons at Grand Palais.

Besides painting Pavel Zacek also dedicates his late-night time to scientific medical illustration utilizing his surgical experience together with artistic skills. He does not hesitate to combine freely the old masters technique with modern technologies - his project of interactive textbook on cardiac surgery gave him an exquisite experience in digital art and animation.


2020Paris, France
2019Viechtach, Germany
Wroclaw, Poland
Gera, Germany
2018Toledo, Spain
Bratislava, Slovakia
Vittel, France
2017Paris, France
Viechtach, Germany
2016Sedan, France
Prague, Czech republic
Chaumont en Champagne, France
Neuenstadt a.K., Germany
Traun, Austria
2015Paris, France
Toledo, Spain
2014Paris, France
Sedan, France
Vichy, France
Viechtach, Germany
2014Chaumont en Champagne, France
Casablanca, Marocco
2013Annweiller, Germany
Riegersburg, Austria
Vienna, Austria
2012Paris, France
Sedan, France
Viechtach, France
Chamalieres, France
Chaumont en Champagne, France
Orleans, France
2011Paris, France
Nevers, France
Riegersburg, Austria
Wien, Austria
2010Paris, France
Viechtach, Germany
Chaumont en Champagne, Francie
2009Vascoeuil, France
Firenze, Italy
Piombino, Italy
Sedan, France
2008Paris, France
Viroflay, Germany
Viechtach, Germany
Chaumont sur Marne, France
Rosny sur Seine, France
2007Sedan, France
OlderVictoria, Canada
Wien, Austria
Frankfurt, Germany
Chicago, USA
Minneapolis, USA
Walbrzych, Poland
Prague, Czech republic


2005České Budějovice
Český Krumlov
1999České Budějovice
London (UK)
Hradec Králové
1998Hradec Králové
1995Jablonec n. Nisou
1991Hradec Králové
1989Jablonec n. Nisou
1986Hradec Králové
1983Hradec Králové
1980Hradec Králové

Brány Snů / Gates of Dreams
Graeme Hetherington: PAVEL ŽÁČEK
2006, ISBN 80-247-1928-2

Metamorphosis Volume 2
50 Surreal & Fantastic Artists
2009, ISBN: 9780980323115

Pavel Žáček is a member of international surrealist group Libellule and a participant of prestigious Paris Salon Comparaisons at Grand Palais.